Flexible Ducting

PAK is flexible aluminium ducting manufactured from 99 % aluminium strip spirally wound it is semi flexible insofar as once set in position it should not be repeatedly flexed it can produce radii of less than ½ diameter it has a temperature range of -30 to +280 Degrees C.

FAL is a flexible ducting manufactured from reinforced aluminium and polyester laminated encapsulating a high tensile wire helix it can be connected to round and oval pipe operating in a temperature range of -30 to +140 Degrees C. Most suited to ventilation systems

FALINS is a flexible air duct mainly used in air conditioning systems it’s the same product as FAL with the addition of an outer jacket acting as a vapour barrier sandwiching a 25mm thick fibreglass insulation of 16kg/m3.

50. FPVC is a flexible duct manufactured from a tough ,grey coloured fabric comprising of a pvc coating bonded to a tightly woven glass cloth and has an exceptionally smooth inner wall resulting in low frictional resistance the duct can be repeatedly flexed without damage or kinking.The temperature range is from -20 to +70 Degrees C.


Roll formed slotted channel manufactured from corrosion resistant galvanized steel pre-slotted for bolting together using channel brackets, the channel brackets are pre punched with 14mm diameter holes .The brackets are fabricated from 5mm thick mild steel plate and hot dipped galvanized after manufacture.The brackets are fabricated at various angles so support frames can easily be assembled.

Crocodile insulation strip is manufactured from Phenolic foam glued to a heavy duty tape this enables the strip to be formed in a circle which wraps around the spiral tube encased by a duct support bracket the foam acts as an insulator and duct support.

Phenolic Flat foam acts as an insulator between the bottom of the rectangular ductwork and the supporting slotted channel or mild steel angle.

Screwed rod are manufactured from galvanized mild steel cut to length on site and used as support hangers for the ductwork they come in standard 3 metre lengths.

Caddy Clips,Purlin Clips and Beam Clamps are used to fix to the building structure eleviating the need to drill the building steelwork for the supports.

Silencers are used in heating & air conditioning industry for installing into a ductwork system to reduce fan noise or transfer noise between rooms .We manufacture straight through ,pod or rectangular silencers to customers requirements .Circular silencers are generally made to set diameters and acoustic performance but rectangular silencers are made to order to suit acoustic requirements .All silencers have a galvanized outer skin the acoustic material 45kg/m3 Rockwool it is sandwiched between the outer skin and perforated galvanized sheet which prevents fibre erosion, the media is inert,vermin,rot & moisture proof ,non combustable and does not support bacterial growth. Melinex can also be applied to the media to facilitate easy cleaning in hospitals,kitchens etc.
In addition we manufacture acoustic louvers these are used to control noise breakout from plant rooms being a nuisance to adjoining buildings they can be galvanized finish
Or powder coated .Large louvers come in sections for bolting together on site.

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Range of Flexible Aluminium Ducting by Ductmann
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