Fire Rated Ductwork

Fire Ductwork

BRE Global Limited the NAMAS/UKAS Accredited Laboratory based in Watford UK, have carried out tests on our non coated ductwork to the 2011 standard BSEN 1366 Part 1. The current standard BS 476 Part 24:1987 is to be withdrawn.

The Building Regulations (1991) Approved Document B gives guidance on fire safety. This document sets out time periods for stability, integrity and insulation for various compartment walls and floors in buildings. Ducts which penetrate the compartment walls and floors must achieve the same fire resistance as the compartments through which they have passed.

1. None domestic galvanized seamed Kitchen extract duct with access doors at 3 metre centres in accordance with DW 172.

2. None domestic fully welded mild steel with bolted gasket flanges (grease sealed) Kitchen extract making it easy clean internal surface with access doors at 3 metre centres.

3. Smoke extract systems.

4. Dual ventilation/smoke extraction systems.

5. Pressurisation systems.

6. Car park extraction systems.

BSEN1366 Part 1 and 8 are a much more stringent test than the current BS 476 Part 24 (visual inspection only) test standard especially in relation to smoke extract systems with the new standard the pressure loss is measured at full fire conditions our ductwork (Duct A test) has undergone tests at 500Pa negative pressure to a measured leakage criteria of 10 cu.m / ( for a period of 120 minutes as a measure of integrity, the European Standard being a maximum of 60 minutes. Upon request we would supply a copy of our independent test report.

Non Coated galvanized ductwork offers considerable savings on systems using intumescent or flame retardant coatings and also alleviate the inherent problems of damaging these coating during assembly and installations.

We will be able to instruct your fitters to the methods of installing the ductwork and supports our factory or on site, during progress or completion our engineers at your request can attend site to inspect the installation work and issue a fire safety certificate if compliant.

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