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Ductmann Fire Duct

Developed by our engineers and tested at the British Research Establishment Global - a NAMAS/UKAS Accredited Laboratory. Offering the following advantages...

The above shows a duct under test external of the furnace. The rollers prevent the expansion of the duct and measure outward pressure.
Duct A under test at BRE Globa, tested to -500 Pa. The tanks and coil are required to cool the exhaust gasses down to 40 Deg C so that the pressure/leakage rate of the ductwork in the furnace can be accurately monitored.

Advantages of our System

  1. Considerably cheaper than alternative systems.
  2. No in-tumescent painted surface to get damaged.
  3. In house manufacturing ensures product quality and consistency.
  4. All ductwork manufactured to DW144 Class C (2000 Pa).
  5. Smooth internal surfaces for cleaning.
  6. Cost effective alternative to the use of fire/smoke dampers and no on-going annual maintenance or inspection costs.
  7. Our standard construction covers both Duct A and Cuct B, there is no need to specify when ordering.
  8. Heavy constructed and fully tested access doors.
  9. Option of fully welded and grease sealed, suitable for kitchen applications.
  10. Option of Double Skinned for easy external cleaning.
  11. No deterioration of the surface due to water/rain. etc

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